NDIS Disability Services Cannington

At Smiles Care Service, our primary focus is on our clients’ needs and desired outcomes.

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Cannington Disability Services

Our goal at Smiles Care Services is to establish an inclusive atmosphere where individuals with disabilities can flourish, while acknowledging that every path is unique.

Driven by a passion for fostering independence, our committed team puts in endless effort to develop individualised care plans that extend beyond attending to urgent requirements. In addition to advocating for assistance, we actively work to fulfil the goals and objectives of the people we support.

NDIS Assist Life Stage Transition Perth

The goal of this type of support is to help people gain the skills and abilities they need to successfully move through and adjust to new stages of life.

Help with Personal Activities is a type of disability support that focuses on helping people with personal tasks that they may find hard to do because of their condition.

Living with disabilities or a long-term illness can be difficult, but we aim to make it easier for you with our high-intensity personal assistance services.

All NDIS Participants can travel independently and safely with the proper equipment and support from Smiles Care Service support worker.

Our community nursing care services can be provided in your home or at our Community Clinic by a qualified nurse on a regular or as-needed basis.

Smiles Care Service understands that living independently can feel impossible at times, but with our tailored help, it is possible.

At Smiles Care Service, our Development – Life Skills promotes independence and expands opportunities for NDIS participants.

Smiles Care Service provides daily living assistance to your loved ones. Smiles Care Service is an NDIS provider for household tasks, and we are here to assist you.

Smiles Care Service provides a unique innovative community participation programme for people with disabilities. We will assist you in developing your capacity and resilience.

Participants at Smiles Care Service may get a variety of help under “Participate Community” to make it easier for them to take part in activities and events in their community.