NDIS Innovative Community Participation Perth

Smiles Care Service provides a unique innovative community participation programme for people with disabilities. We will assist you in developing your capacity and resilience.

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NDIS Innovative Community Participation in Perth, WA

Smiles Care Service provides innovative community participation services to assist people with disabilities in developing skills that allow them to actively participate in their community, events, and programmes.

We have well-trained Community Engagement Practitioners who will assist you in developing your capacity and resilience. As a result, you can eventually transition from the service to informal community support and/or employment.

Our Support Services

Your participation strengthens the community and ensures that more innovative community participation programmes can be offered in the future.

  • Workshops on finding suitable employment
  • Mentoring to overcome challenges and continue your job
  • Assistance and support for setting up your own small business
  • Classes to learn new skills or improve existing ones
  • Participation in free community events

Innovative Community Participation Assistance

Innovative Community Participation is an NDIS support service that enables participants to develop all of the skills required to actively participate in the community.

We go above and beyond in this support service to assist participants in broadening their horizons and bringing in innovation to contribute to their personal growth through community participation.

We envision a growing environment for all of our participants, and if you are eligible to receive this assistance, our team will make certain that you get the most out of it.

Our goal is to work towards better wellbeing outcomes, whether for health, education, work, or overall lifestyle. We use a personalised approach to create a customised plan based on the needs and requirements of the participants. 

Why Choose Us

We are dedicated to taking the dis out of disability and making you able to do whatever you want. We can provide whatever level of assistance you require. We offer a variety of NDIS support services that are tailored to the needs of people with disabilities of all ages and abilities, as well as carers.

Areas We Serve

We provide NDIS services throughout Perth and the surrounding suburbs of Western Australia, including:

City of Armadale
City of Swan