NDIS Assistance With Daily Personal Activities Caversham

Our knowledgeable support staff assists participants with their personal tasks, ensuring that they have the peace of mind they deserve and lead a comfortable life.

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NDIS Assistance With Daily Personal Activities Caversham, WA

Improving NDIS participants’ freedom in handling personal daily activities depends on daily activities’ support. These services are offered professionally right at the participant’s house, guaranteeing comfort and familiarity.

This support’s main goal is to help with and oversee regular personal actions, so enhancing the participant’s ability for autonomous life. Smiles Care Service is committed to provide excellent, individualised services spanning home and community environments.

Our daily living assistance programme is meant to enable participants to reach their intended way of life. These tools are flexible and painstakingly crafted to fit the particular tastes, needs, ambitions, and results of every person. By emphasising individualised care, we make sure that participants get the exact help required to improve their everyday activities.

Our courteous and competent staff is dedicated to make daily responsibilities reasonable and under control. By means of committed assistance and best practices, we enable easy integration of these activities into daily life, therefore enhancing the general quality of life for NDIS users. Smiles Care Service seeks to improve quality of treatment by encouraging independence and well-being in daily life.

Our Support Services

These services are typically provided in your home, but they can also be provided in your community setting if that is your preference. We understand that everyone has different needs and wants, so we work hard to tailor our daily personal activity assistance to each of our participants. We’re here to help you.

Our service includes but not limited to:

  • Showering or bathing
  • Personal hygiene & grooming
  • Dressing
  • Going to the toilet
  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Moving around the house
  • Help with eating

Get high-quality, personalised assistance.

We assist you with Daily Living in order to support your decision to live the life you want. Our services are adaptable and tailored to your preferences, needs, goals, and outcomes. Our professional nursing agency team is experienced and friendly, and we can help you make your daily routine more manageable and achievable.

Home-based supports are typically provided, but community-based supports are provided based on the preferences of the individual. Our daily personal activity assistance is specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of our participants. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Choose Us

We are dedicated to taking the dis out of disability and making you able to do whatever you want. We can provide whatever level of assistance you require. We offer a variety of NDIS support services that are tailored to the needs of people with disabilities of all ages and abilities, as well as carers.

Areas We Serve

We provide NDIS services throughout Perth and the surrounding suburbs of Western Australia, including:

City of Armadale
City of Swan